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Administration and Municipality Management System

CNE 2017
The Civic Administration and Municipality Management System is a fully integrated system based on cloud  system relationship management platform which helps city and other local government agencies to create and maintain a clear view of their municipality and constituents. It enables agencies to manage and maintain property, resident and business profile and related information to create and improve services that deliver new value in terms of lighter tax loads, less administrative waste, professional accountability and better constituent and community services. With this system, your governmental organization can: 
  • Collect and track property, resident and business information.
  • Manage property tax assessments, delinquencies and collections
  • Manage constituent interactions. Provide response management for constituent information and service requests and offer access to knowledge base information across groups. 
  • Track client satisfaction, response times, resolution times and measure against any service level goals.
  • Define constituent groups, determine appropriate messaging delivery actions and analyzing responses for constituent outreach communications
  • Determine management events and build workflows to automatically trigger targeted and timely alerts and messages
  • Build notification lists, use built-in tools from quick campaigns to delivery notifications and monitor community outreach performance through dashboards
  • Manage information related to community services, events, by-laws, committees and various community projects
  • Track grant availability and monitor grant fund acquisition
  • Managing approved vendor information and notifications related to RFP’s
  • Manage department task queues, notifications and visibility across government departments and community groups

Constituent Information Management.

  • Embedded analytics can be implemented for specific constituent types to review numerous metrics
  • City services, projects, activities, complaints, committee work and interactions can be associated with resident records, creating a full 360 degree understanding of the resident constituent.
  • Track and manage relationships with businesses that reside in the community
  • Monitor and track city service information (building permits, animal services, fire and emergency, water, waste/recycling) and relationships required for better decision making and business interaction.

Property Management.

  • Track property information to support property management activities
  • Provides reports that enable and support property activity analysis
  • Manage Property Tax Assessments and Supplemental Assessments for City, District and County Tax
  • Prepare and send collection letters
  • Keep a record of all payments and delinquencies.
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Contact Center Management.

  • Call routing within the call center where it can be queued to the right location, service team and call center agent
  • Integrate with a variety of different telephony platforms 
  • Improve First contact resolution (FCR) - By providing the call center agent a 360 degree view of the business, property or resident and a history of all prior calls, cases and other interactions, the service team member is able to handle the interaction with better preparation

E-mail Response Management.

  • Track different types of emails based on city services, residents and projects
  • Automatic responses to emails based on the type of request
  • Emails can be tracked from each individual’s email inbox so all users have visibility into it
  • Emails can be associated with each specific community service and related resident, business or other entity
  • Ability to route emails based on specific key values including sender, receiver, subject line, or content
  • Emails can be received, auto-tracked and distributed automatically through group queues to ensure requests get handled and tracked appropriately

Case and Request Management.

  • Web-based portal to empower constituents to initiate and track progress of their requests and cases
  • Submitted requests are managed closely and in a structured manner, enabling staff to provide quick, professional comprehensive responses and resolutions
  • Common knowledge base that can be referred to when a constituent calls enabling faster response times and consistent information dissemination
  • Automatic routing and assignment of requests across departments or to employees with workflows. Automatic creation of follow-up tasks and queue activities ensuring request traceability and accountability
  • Standard reports to measure constituent and city resident satisfaction level, and other metrics to measure and improve response quality and effectiveness to requests
  • Easy interdepartmental activity and performance reporting for things such as transit facilities, issues by city and county department etc. Users can review consolidated views of departmental activities and overall performance